Hummingbird and Ghost Honeysuckle Vine Painting
Fledgling Robin and Violets Painting
Blue Tit Bird no. 60 Painting
Fairy Wren and Waratah Flower Painting
Chickadee no. 1125 Painting
Yellow Warbler and Magnolia Blossom Painting
Long-Tailed Titmice and Nest Painting
Blue Jay no. 56 Painting
Three Blue-Back Finches Painting
Rabbits and Coneflowers Painting
Robin and Crocus Painting
Bunny and Butterflies in the Clover Painting
Connecticut Warblers Painting
Cat in the Grass Watercolor and Gouache Painting
Fledgling Robin and Redbud Blossoms Painting
Chickadee no. 1121 Painting
Mouse House Painting
Carolina Wren and Dogwood Blossoms Painting
Chickadee no. 1118 Painting
Fledgling Robin and Cornelian Dogwood Painting
Meadowlark no. 22 Painting
Red-Breasted Nuthatch no. 56 Painting
Shy Kitten Painting
Green-Headed Tanager no. 3 Painting
Inca Jay Painting