Lilac-Breasted Roller no. 35 Painting
Chickadee no. 1037 Painting
Blue Tit no. 50 Painting
Chickadee no. 1063 Painting
Purple Gladiolus Flowers Painting
Sparrow no. 20 Painting
Three Zebra Finches
Red-Winged Blackbird no. 3 Painting
Chickadee no. 1068 Painting
Pink and Blue Floral Bouquet Painting
Lily Pad Pond Painting
Hummingbird no. 203 Painting
Almost-Gone Cherries Painting
Baby Turkey Vulture Painting
Starling no. 8 Painting
Two Sparrows no. 42 Painting
Grizzly Bear Cubs Painting
Rose Finch 54 Painting
Nuthatch no. 54 Painting
Two Chickadees no. 160 Painting
Hummingbird and Rose Painting
Sparrow on the Strawberries Painting
June Strawberry Painting
Chickadee and Currants Painting
Hummingbird no. 203 Painting